5 Things to do in May – Wherever You Are

Just because we can’t freely travel quite yet, doesn’t mean we can’t get into the Spirit of Travel. Places all around the country are feeling the pinch right now, so here are a few suggestions for things you can do right now that will help you feel a little more normal.

Lunch to-go from Cafe Girasole, photo by Digiman.
  1. Order a takeout meal and leave a generous tip. Many restaurants have moved to providing takeout in order to continue to serve their customers. Even with the loosening of restrictions, takeout will remain a big part of business since brick and mortar operations have to reduce their dine-in capacity. One bright side of this is you can then go enjoy your dinner at a scenic overlook while watching the sunset. Click over to another blog post to find a list of local restaurants to work your way through.
  2. Find a hiking/biking trail you’ve never been to before. Getting outside for a walk or ride is good for the soul, and sometimes self-care is a priority. Nature hasn’t slowed down just because we’ve been cooped up. Observe the new spring growth, the blossoms of wildflowers, lizards skittering and birds soaring overhead. Check out this list of trails for hiking and biking. Go conquer a trail you haven’t explored yet.
    carson river
    Sunrise by the river, photo by Kim Steed.
  3. Contact your favorite local business and order something for curbside pick-up. Restaurants aren’t the only places doing curbside. Now that some restrictions are beginning to ease, smaller boutiques and shops are able to accommodate shoppers in a safe manner. If you don’t need anything for yourself, we’re sure you know someone who could use a thoughtful gift or a pick-me-up.
  4. Thank an essential worker – remember lots of people are essential even if they aren’t on the medical frontline or a first responder. Grocery store staff, retailers, your local gas station attendant, and bankers are all considered essential no matter what’s going on in the world.
  5. Have a bouquet of flowers delivered just because. Flower shops, just like most local businesses, need a show of support too. And who wouldn’t love to have a spring bouquet delivered?
    Bouquet by Carson Valley Florist.

As we open up more over the next few weeks and months, stay safe, and know that we look forward to seeing you. Keep the spirit of travel alive by following our social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and check out the Travel Nevada website for more inspiration.

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