The Board of Directors shall consist of nine voting members serving three year terms corresponding to the Carson Valley Visitors Authority fiscal year, and the Executive Director as a non-voting member. The board has approved shared board seats. In those cases, an * is entered next to both representatives listed below.

There are nine board seats/votes in total. The nine voting members of Board of Directors shall be represented by:

  • A minimum of three and maximum of four from lodging or other transient
    accommodation facilities.
  • A minimum of three and maximum of four from non-lodging, tourism related positions
    that have a vested interest in a tourism related business(s).
  • An at-large member of the business community not directly involved in tourism.
  • A Douglas County Board of Commissioners member whose term may vary by
    appointment as is determined by the county commission board.
  • The Carson Valley Visitors Authority Executive Director, as an advisory non-voting

Current 2019-2020 Board of Directors

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