Alta Alpina Challenge 2018

The Alta Alpina Challenge: Riding the Wild Sierra, June 30, 2018 has a unique philosophy:

Every rider is challenged to set a personal goal based on his or her own individual abilities.

The Alta Alpina Cycling Club is pleased to offer a new concept in cycling events: Build Your Own Challenge. The idea is simple. Riders can choose among 8 of the greatest mountain passes in the Tahoe region. Just like a menu at a restaurant, cyclists can pick and choose whatever their particular appetite might be to challenge themselves. Distances range from 30-198 miles with 3,600-20,300 feet of climbing as part of the options. Do one pass, do them all, or mix it up. The beauty of this new approach is you get to call the shots!

Alta Alpina 2018 Route
Alta Alpina 2018 Route


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Make your way through Carson Valley to Kingsbury Grade with the Wild Sierra Century, or take in the view of Topaz Lake via Monitor Pass with the 5 Pass Challenge.

The Alta Alpina Challenge: Riding the Wild Sierra is an established cycling event which allows participants to experience 1-8 of the greatest cycling climbs in the Tahoe region. Cyclists choose from one of the popular combinations of mountain passes or choose just their favorites. Each rider sets a personal goal based on their individual skills and ability. Elite endurance cyclists from all over the world travel here to test themselves against the 8 Pass Challenge, a route of approximately 200 miles and over 20,300 feet of climbing.

There is still time to REGISTER.

The Alta Alpina Challenge is a personalized event. Every rider bib is personalized based on their choice of ride. Rider’s collect special pass stickers on the bib and the result can be framed as a souvenir of the accomplishment!

Alta Alpina Challenge
Alta Alpina Challenge

The Alta Alpina Cycling Club is a 501(c) non-profit corporation promoting all forms of safe cycling in the Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley, Carson City, and Markleeville areas. The club has decades of experience producing comparable events and we are excited to be producing this event because it directly promotes cycling both within the community and by bringing cyclists to the region.



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