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Welcome to the land of everyday legends! Where you will find all the necessary ingredients for a legendary time.

Let’s come up with a list of the essentials. A great room? Check. From bed and breakfasts to full-service resorts and everything in between. Dining? No doubt. Thai, French, sushi, Basque, barbecue, and classic steakhouses, for starters — an assortment you’ll be talking about for a long time to come. Shopping? You’ll find one-of-a-kind local shops on main street as well as retail shops scattered all along your route. Recreation? In a big way. Heavenly’s ski runs are just up the road, Tahoe’s blue waters and golden beaches are 12 miles off, there are single tracks at all points of the compass, trout streams falling from the mountains, and a soaring scene that’s one of the world’s most renowned. Golf courses ring the valley while beyond are public lands that welcome hikers, bikers and ATV enthusiasts.


Meet JB and Marie

When the handmade wooden “Open” sign is hung at the JT Basque Bar & Dining Room along main street, the table is set for bighearted people who appreciate old world masterpieces and a side order of newfound friendships, the kind of spirit that runs rampant in Carson Valley. Siblings JB and Marie put their Basque heritage, their love for cooking, and their zest for life into every meal that comes out of their kitchen.

Meet Dana

It’s only fitting that a drinking establishment as idiosyncratic as this has a hostess as colorful as Dana. A frosty beer and a game of pool never went down better than here at the oldest, quirkiest, most memorable saloon you’ll ever set foot in. Point your nose toward the mountains and put the brakes on at Genoa.

Meet Cole

Cole operates in a world of silence with Lake Tahoe blues and Carson Valley greens thousands of feet below. It’s a dramatic ascent to skies so favorable it makes this one of the world’s most acclaimed soaring destinations. Hop in, strap up and stow your jaw in the upright position as it’s likely to drop time and again.

Meet JT

While certain other places in Nevada are just winding down around 6 am, JT Humphrey is rolling out. In tow are photographers, biologists and a truckload of the terminally curious who feel a day encountering eagles, Mustangs, and petroglyphs trumps a full house and the joy of bingo. Until later tonight, that is. Such is the pace of Carson Valley, where life is served comfortably raw.


Meet Kate

Job’s Peak is the first crown to catch the sun every day. It’s also the one that’s captured Kate’s heart since childhood, the mountain she shares with adrenaline junkies in search of a healthy serving of jaw-dropping views and means for justifying the inevitable Basque meal at the end of the day. Raw, real and unprocessed. That’s how life rolls in Carson Valley.


Meet Kim

Head west on a gentle dirt lane south of town and you’ll arrive at an adventure that surprises on many levels. Here is a ranch that’s frozen in time. Time it right and you’ll encounter Kim Harris, local Chautauqua actor who steps into the shoes and mindsets of a rancher, Pony Express rider, local socialite and suffragette from the early 1900s, and a woman of the night who became one of the Comstock era’s most colorful characters. For those who prefer their adventures real and raw, we have one word: “Welcome.”

Meet Johnny

In a community built on firm handshakes and old world work ethics, some new elements have come along that bring a fresh spirit to the scene — specifically, whiskey, gin and vodka. They’re the distilled craftworks of locals spots like Bently Heritage whose products of passion are being perfected, poured and savored in a century-old mill where tech and tradition make for one potent blend. Carson Valley, life served with a generous twist of raw.

He blends grains, mash, and passion with high-tech tools and old-world tradition to craft the smoothest libations your palate will ever behold. Care to bend an elbow?

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