Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Carson Valley is a place where locals know what a shimmering treasure they’ve found, but we truly value our new visitors’ fresh perspective on this place we know and love. We can tell you over and over how great Carson Valley is (and it is!), but it just hits differently when others see what we see, and maybe even more! It’s kind of like looking at the world through the eyes of your child. So don’t just take our word for it, see what others from around the country are saying about Carson Valley!

Note: These guests were sponsored by Visit Carson Valley. Their opinions are their own.

Whit with Grit

Whitney James, or Whit with Grit, is a storyteller with a passion for outdoors and adventure (that’s the grit part). Whitney is no stranger to traveling and as she puts it “it is rare that I stumble across a destination that surprises me”, but Carson Valley did just that. The best part? She brought the coolest travel buddy, her 80-year-old father, along for the journey. With only 48 hours to spend, Whitney wasted no time diving in and tasting all we have to offer. Read all about it on her post Road Trip to Legendary Carson Valley, Nevada.


Local Adventurer

Join Esther and Jacob as they experience Carson Valley for the first time! Their travel/lifestyle blog, Local Adventurer, is representative of their intriguing quest to move to a new city every year- effectively blurring the line between the comforts of a local and the bright-eyed experiences of a tourist. Local Adventurer was recently named as one of the Top 5 Travel Blogs in the world, and for good reason. Take a look as they surround themselves in our history, arts, great outdoors and much more in their blog 10 + Remarkable Things To Do in the Carson Valley (Key West, Florida, only had 7…just sayin’).




Allison Anderson

Allison is a photographer/cinematographer/all around creative extraordinaire who often solo travels the world capturing breathtaking footage that inevitably makes you want to catch the next flight. She came to Carson Valley looking for adventure and she not only found it, she also managed to capture everything that makes Carson Valley special. From soaring engineless over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to bumping along with JT Humphrey on the search for wild horses, Allison’s captivating video confirms it; Carson Valley is the place to be.




Where Gals Wander

Living in Los Angeles, Zanne constantly asks herself the question, “Is there more to life?” Her blog, Where Gals Wander, aims to answer that with a resounding “yes”! She determined Carson Valley as the perfect place to start traveling again so she set out, seeking a real connection with people and place. Zanne did it all: tasted delicious Basque food for the first time at JT’s, wet her whistle at the Genoa bar, floated the skies with Lake Tahoe Balloons, took a photography tour with Dwayne Hicks. But, most importantly, she found moments in time that give her peace even now, particularly when faced with the stress of everyday life.

Isn’t that the more to life we are all looking for? So jump into her road trip from the big city to the big valley, and read her blog A Perfect Place to Begin Traveling Again: Carson Valley.


Mona Corona

Mona is a luxury traveler who finds the most “instagrammable” places and shares tips and tricks to make extravagant travel more affordable for everyone. She places high value on experiences as well as sustainable and responsible travel. Mona visited Carson Valley during her exploration of Tahoe and Reno, choosing to veer off the beaten path and being rewarded big in return. She calls Carson Valley the“unassuming gem” of the region and really takes the time to immerse herself in it. Scroll through the beginning sections of the blog as she makes her way through Tahoe and Reno, down to our little slice of paradise.

Read here: Getting Outdoors in Reno, Tahoe, and Carson Valley, Nevada: Golfing, Water Sports, and Venturing off the Beaten Path

What did these visitors have in common? They all loved Carson Valley and we are willing to bet you will too. But, don’t take our word for it…

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