How to Virtually Experience Carson Valley Until You Can Get Here for the Real Thing

Eight Ways to Keep Busy While Practicing Social Distancing

One of the best things about having a global pandemic keeping everyone home is that it gives us the gift of time. Time to spend with our loved ones. Time to learn a new skill. And time to travel virtually. Just imagine, with all this time you’ll be able to plan the perfect vacation. 

Keep reading for 8 ideas on how to get to know the towns of Gardnerville, Genoa, Minden and Topaz Lake.

  1. Read our history blogs. There’s way more to this valley than beautiful scenery and amazing outdoor recreation. 
  2. Check out our photo albums on Facebook, and our account on Instagram. For extra fun follow #WhyCV. While you’re there give us a like and follow.
  3. Watch this video about riding the Sierra Canyon Trail down to Genoa. 
  4. Peak into the valley with our legends. 
  5. Flip through the online Visitor’s Guide.
  6. Challenge yourself to learn CV fun facts.
  7. Check out our sample itineraries for ideas.
  8. Download this Google list so when the coast is clear and you can travel again, you’re ready to visit some of the best dining establishments in our valley. 

Take care of yourself and keep dreaming about a great trip to come. We look forward to welcoming you in legendary fashion when all systems are go. #Flattenthecurve

sierra nevada view from a glider
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