‘Peak Inside’ Mila Clarke Buckley’s Chilly Trip to the Sierra

“I love to leave town late on a Friday, and come home late on a Sunday while packing in the most in between. It’s really easy to maximize your time when you have very little of it on a trip.”

Early in 2019, Mila, aka The Hangry Woman, brought her lifetime BFF Katie, for a whirlwind trip to Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe. Mila is a food and lifestyle blogger, who loves to travel. Inviting Mila and pal to Carson Valley was a natural fit, and we’re glad she thinks so too. Hailing from Houston, the duo hopped a flight after work, and were in Carson Valley by bedtime. 

During her trip she got to hear about the wild Nevada mustangs that roam the Pine Nut Mountain Range, with Carson Valley Tour’s guide Dwayne Hicks. They also toured the world renowned Bently Heritage Estate Distillery, and noshed around the valley in style at the Overland Restaurant and Pub and Minden Meat and Deli

Check out Mila’s article about her trip, and follow along with her on social media to keep up with her whirlwind of cooking tips and tricks. 

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dangberg carson valley hangry woman
Mila, Katie and Dwayne at Dangberg Home Ranch.

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