The Valley of Surprises: Why Carson Valley is the Secret Spot You’ve Been Looking For

Carson Valley may not be the first place that pops into your head when you plan a golf trip, but whispers of the golf in that area have been circulating and we had to find out for ourselves. Fredrik and I are professional golfers, which means that golf is a large part of almost every trip that we take – so the first free weekend we had this summer, we wanted to spend exploring in the beautiful Carson Valley.

Sunridge Golf Course
Archery at Sunridge

We had a full itinerary of golf, but the trip became much more about this beautiful location. From the food to the scenery, the Carson Valley holds history dating back to the early beginnings of Nevada and its settlement. Following a day of golf, archery and hatchet throwing at Sunridge Golf and Recreations, we sat down for lunch at The Pink House. The unbelievable spread of fruit, French cheeses, and organic greens were prepared in a renovated home that still contains original pieces from its construction in 1855.

Sunridge Golf Course
Archery at Sunridge

Next, this rich history continued as we walked around the town through perfectly groomed walkways and paths edged with gorgeous flowers. We grabbed a drink at the Genoa Bar, (complete with a safe, brimming with ladies underwear hidden in the corner . . . but, that’s another story) and continued on to Holiday Inn Club Vacations David Wally’s Resort. The spa and hot springs provided us with some great relaxing time and a chance to unplug with legendary scenery surrounding us on all sides.

Genoa Bar
Genoa Bar, Nevada’s Oldest Thirst Parlor

Other activities that we took advantage of included a mixology class at 100 Proof Bar Services, golf with amazing views at the Genoa Lakes Ranch Course, (that came packaged with a little good fortune as Fredrik holed a shot on 9 from 140 yards out) and a Wild Mustang Safari Tour.

Wild Horses Carson Valley
Max and his mom on the range

The horses live in a wide-open range outside of Carson Valley, and this was easily my favorite experience of the trip. We saw foals nursing and stallions exchanging formalities – and since my own horse is originally a BLM mustang, this, for me, was legendary.

A few highlights from our trip you can’t miss if you’re visiting the Carson Valley:

Jacobs Family Berry Farm: This farm showcased flavorful berries and a beautiful barn that still stands after 120 years. This gorgeous place was the perfect end to our trip and a wonderful experience overall.

Gardnerville Berries
Jacobs Family Berry Farm

Carson Valley Golf Course: If you’re looking for a relaxed setting to bang some balls or play footgolf, this is your spot. Stop by for some fun!

JT Basque
: This restaurant has been the site for movies, legends, and several celebrities have been through. Be sure to ask if you can stick a dollar to the ceiling!

With all of the family-owned businesses within a 5-minute drive of our resort, we didn’t struggle in the least to find great food and company during our stay. It’s safe to say the Carson Valley took us by surprise with the golf, the scenery, the people, and the experiences that we packed into only a few days.

Gardnerville Mixology
100 Proof Mixology Classes

This guest post is by Hannah Gregg, pro golfer, traveler, and Carson Valley fan. Follow Hannah and her partner Fredrik Lindblom on Instagram to keep up with their adventures.

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