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Minden, NV, USA

Hi. I’m Cheryl and I will be your excursion leader.

With a love of the great outdoors and a passion for sharing it with people, establishing Country Excursions was a no-brainer. There is nothing better than the crisp mountain air, wild mustangs frolicking around you and sharing that experience with those who are interested.

When I first started photographing wildlife I realized that the excursion to capture each animal was half the fun. After sharing my experiences online, people became intrigued in the process and would often ask if they could tag along. A few “tag alongs” later and I started my 3rd business.

Now I offer guided tours throughout Northern Nevada and no excursion is off limits. From Virginia City to Jobs Peak and everything in between it would be a delight to show you some of what this great land has to offer.

And I always come prepared. Because you never know what adventure we will find.

For more information call or text Cheryl at 928-635-6759, or email  [email protected].

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