Genoa Bar and Saloon

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The Genoa Bar
2282 Main Street, Genoa, NV

Situated in a historic building from 1853, Genoa Bar and Saloon is the oldest bar in Nevada, with a rich history of serving such famous people as Mark Twain, Ulysses S. Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood. Enjoy an artisan cocktail menu with every season. Also features the Hungry Hearts food truck, cooking up gourmet smash burgers with fresh local ingredients on the weekends.

Step back in time to a place you have to see to believe. Featuring world famous Bloody Mary’s, pool, live music, and porch parties, you won’t want to miss a chance to belly up to the bar.

Open daily at 10 a.m.

Genoa Bar

Genoa Bar Gin drink


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