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Lake Tahoe Balloons
Tahoe Keys Marina & Yacht Club, Venice Drive East, South Lake Tahoe, CA, United States

An Unforgettable Journey!

Enjoy an invigorating Nevada hot air balloon tour with unparalleled, panoramic views of Carson Valley. Your pilot will show you historical and popular points of interest, as you relish in all the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

Carson Valley Winter Flights

Our Carson Valley fall and winter hot air balloon rides are a heartwarming experience! The weather conditions for these two seasons allow us to offer both morning and evening hot air balloon rides in Nevada. You’ll relish in the views of the Carson River and Carson Range - the spur of the Sierra Nevada, including the incredible Jobs Peak! Amazing wildlife have also been spotted such as the Bald and Golden Eagles, Prairie Falcon, Red-tailed Hawks, deer and more. Some flights are even lucky enough to see Lake Tahoe over the mountains!

Balloon Nevada operates in conjunction with our sister company, Lake Tahoe Balloons who has successfully operated balloon flights over Lake Tahoe for well over two decades. Through our two locations, visitors and locals alike can enjoy the wonders of hot air ballooning year round with options to choose from depending on the season.

Our state-of-the-art FAA certified hot air balloons are built by Cameron Balloons U.S., in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Considered to be the top U.S. manufacturer of hot air balloons, Cameron designs balloons that not only outperform those of competitors but that are also more durable. While foreign and other U.S. manufactures may offer a lower purchase prices, the comfort and knowledge that you are flying in the best that money can buy is priceless. The baskets are compartmentalized to maximize the space, comfort of and safety of each guest and vary in size to do so. They are constructed of rattan which is both light weight and extremely durable. Each basket is individually woven by hand onto a rigid frame. The envelope is typically constructed using fire-treated nylon or dacron that meet specific manufacturer requirements and while the material is lightweight, it is also very strong.

Balloon Nevada is a member of the Balloon Pacific hot air balloon ride group. Balloon Pacific is the most trusted hot air balloon ride provider in the western United States. Our companies operate in the West's most spectacular places, including famous Napa Valley, spectacular Sonoma County, the beautiful agricultural patch-work of California's Yolo County and majestic Lake Tahoe from the world's only hot-air-balloon aircraft carrier.

* Call us directly  for more information and to book your flight: (530) 544-1221. *
Season: November through April (weather permitting)

lake tahoe balloon above carson valley

Pilot Sheldon above Carson Valley

Lake Tahoe Balloon Rides

The adventure begins shortly after sunrise (approximately 5:15AM - 6:45AM) when balloon conditions are the best and the natural beauty of this alpine setting is revealed. Our guests meet us at the Tahoe Keys Marina where they board the Tahoe Flyer, the world's only U.S.C.G. certified balloon launch and recovery vessel. While cruising to the designated launch site on Lake Tahoe a deluxe continental breakfast is served onboard.

Once we have reached the designated launching site, we begin the fascinating process of the balloon inflation right from the upper deck of the Tahoe Flyer. Guests have the opportunity to observe our experienced crew as they prepare the hot air balloon for flight. Once the balloon has been inflated, guests join us on the upper deck where we begin boarding.

Lift off! Gently the balloon lifts off the upper deck of the Tahoe Flyer taking our guests high above Lake Tahoe into the fresh alpine air. From lake level to magnificent panoramic views, your experienced and knowledgeable pilot acts as your guide and welcomes questions from you and fellow adventurers while pointing out local points of interest and Tahoe’s extraordinary beauty. Enjoy views of Emerald Bay, the second most photographed spot in the U.S., Fallen Leaf Lake, Cascade Lake and the Desolation Wilderness. On many days, visibility even allow for views of peaks in Yosemite and the coastal foothills over 150 miles away!

The flight concludes with an impressive landing on the upper deck of the Tahoe Flyer where our crew catches and deflates the balloon. To celebrate this once in a lifetime experience the pilot, crew and our guests enjoy a traditional champagne toast with plenty of champagne, mimosas, and snacks while cruising back to the Marina.

Flights launch from Lampe Park in Carson Valley from November to April.

Please allow approximately 4 hours for the entire trip.


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