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1142 Airport Road, Minden, NV, United States

Soaring is the art and science of using the natural movement of the atmosphere to stay aloft, climb, and travel long distances in a motorless aircraft.

A glider, or sailplane, is a type of aircraft that does not have an engine. Usually, an airplane tows the glider aloft, although the glider may also be launched like a kite, using a winch or even an automobile to pull it into the air. At the desired altitude, the glider pilot releases the towline and begins to glide. To learn to fly a glider, you must take lessons from a Certified Flight Instructor in Gliders (CFIG) until you meet the requirements for a Private Pilot Certificate. The Federal Aviation Administration certifies instructors and private pilots. You can solo a glider at age 14, and can obtain your private pilot certificate in gliders at age 16. As long as you are able to safely fly the glider, there are no medical certificate requirements in gliders like there are in airplanes.

Enjoy a beautiful view of the Carson Valley and the surrounding mountains. Be sure to bring your camera to capture magnificent landscape from 3,000' above the ground.

In the same location is High Sierra Pilots Club. A flying club is a group of people who want to own an aircraft, and come together to share access as well as the high costs associated with airplane ownership. Typically this group of people is made up of both student pilots learning to fly as well as seasoned pilots who have many hours in various aircraft.

The folks from SoaringNV and High Sierra Pilots Club created a documentary about the passion for aviation that drives many pilots, “The Disciples of Flight.” Click HERE and HERE for the trailers. To access the full movie and viewing options click HERE.

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