Carson Valley Arts & Antiques Trail

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Who knew a day of getting lost in antique stores and museums could be so legendary? Carson Valley allows you to take a step back in time as you wander the trails that inspired many historic “wild west” legends. While you enjoy the same hot springs as Mark Twain, Nevada’s oldest thirst parlor, and step back in time in our museums, you can wander around our arts and antique shops too. Check out this map by the Carson Valley Arts Council to begin planning your day. Here are a few suggestions as to how we like to begin.


Carson Valley Arts & Antiques Trail Map

Discover a taste of rustic charm that can only be found here in one of our local galleries. Carson Valley is home to elite photographers and artists. Many use our valley’s scenery and wildlife as their muse. Four unique seasons, classic historic places, wild horses, majestic eagles and much more are artfully captured in a variety of mediums. Find works you can purchase, and take your own piece of our valley back home.  

Surely past legends of this region didn’t have a treasure map, but they did wander these same streets, relaxed in the same buildings and found inspiration from Carson Valley’s legendary views.

Follow the “treasure map” to find antiques straight out of the wild west. We are confident you will find a few old ranch items that will have you scratching your head with a “how did they use this” look.

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