Carson Valley Photo Roundup

We reached out to a few of our friends’ and asked for their favorite Carson Valley images, along with their personal story behind the shot. This brief photo collection reminds us we need to do it more often! Seeing the valley, especially some of the same locations, from different points-of-view is truly a joy. It’s a journey through seasons, passions and always that one perfect moment.

We would love to see your photos as well. Tag @CarsonValleyNevada and use #WhyCV on social media, or email them directly to [email protected]

wild horses
This is and probably always will be my favorite valley shot. It was January 1st of 2016 and this was one of the very first photos I ever shot of our Mustangs in the valley. It may only have two main subjects but, in my opinion, this photo says Carson Valley in a major way! – Dwayne Hicks,
Genoa winter
A cool morning near Genoa, had to stop to take this image on a way to help a friend with their family portraits, some time ago. – Juan Moralez
Genoa NV
I took a hiatus from photography and after getting back from fire season I found my inspiration and motivation to be out taking photos of the valley again. – Quintin Lee Booth II


Carson Valley rainbow
I don’t have a specific story. I think the photo is the story. – Ron Harpin,


Gardnerville NV
I hear the sounds of nature instead of sirens, I smell clean air instead of smog, folks are friendly and not angry, and its a slower pace of life, nobody is in a big rush to get somewhere. My passion is photography and love sharing the beauty that I capture through my lens. This, so far is one of my favorite shots, captured in Gardnerville over the fall season. – Vivian Powers
River Fork Ranch
WhyCV for me is about people and place. Both are part of this shot. – Jan Vandermade
Genoa, NV rainbow
I was heading up Mottsville to work one morning! – Kim Hunter Steed
Topaz Lake, NV
Caught this one a few years ago at Topaz Lake. I shot it with my phone through the glass, but I think the beauty of the moment exemplifies Carson Valley. It is not any one place. It is not a location removed from everything else. It is beauty all around you! – Angela DiLoreto




Genoa, NV
The green grass and snow-capped mountains caught my eye. When I got out of the car and saw the reflection, that was the bonus!! – Vivian Powers












Genoa NV
I came back to this valley because I love the preservation of History, but the scenery is pretty good too…#WhyCV – Hellen Newman




Carson Valley snow
A wonderful opportunity on my way to work sometime ago, winter was good in the valley. – Juan Moralez








Carson Valley trails
This is my favorite spot on Jobs Peak Trail. I can see the whole valley from the top of the hill, and refresh after the big climb. – Heidi Saucedo







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