Carson Valley’s Sweetest Treat: Chocolate Shoppe

Chocolate Shoppe treats

Once you catch sight of the decked-out storefront window, you know you’re about to have an indulgent ‘oh-so-sweet’ moment you will truly enjoy and never forget. Warm chocolate aroma noticeably fills the shoppe the second you walk in. The tables and walls are lined with treats ranging from famous rokas, truffles, barks, turtles, and more. The place may be small, but it is stocked to the rim with goodness!

Everyone who walks into the Chocolate Shoppe has the shared experience of Lynn handing you what will be the first offering of many samples of their creative creations. This simple taste tease will have your watering-mouth wanting more. Once you step in, you simply can’t leave empty handed. 

Chocolate shoppe photo by Digiman Studio

Handmade chocolates from the Chocolate Shoppe. Photo by Digiman Studio

There is nothing more crave-worthy, delectable and delicious than treating yourself to a beautiful piece of handmade chocolate from Lynn, Harvey and the team at Chocolate Shoppe.

Lynn and Harvey Falcone are the Chocolate Shoppe purveyors. Home since 2012 to their life-long dream, the Gardnerville storefront motto is “it has to look as good as it tastes”. Locals and chocolate-loving visitors alike attest to the guaranteed excellence of stunning packaging, service and quality flavor promised by the talented chocolatiers who make each handcrafted treat. Lynn’s gift doesn’t lie solely in the business of chocolates and decor, but it’s her strive for perfection and the happiness she seeks in serving every customer who walks through those doors that makes visiting this shoppe an experience all its own.

Prior to establishing their storefront, Lynn and Harvey had been professionally putting their passion into chocolate creations since 1994, selling only wholesale for about six years before starting up in retail. Selling wholesale didn’t allow them to witness the immediate joy and outright pleasure that putting a piece of chocolate into the hands of a customer does. 

When Chocolate Shoppe places an edible photo, logo, or message on a brick of chocolate, you will debate whether to keep or eat this piece of unique art. It’s these types of customized goodies, paired with Lynn and Harvey’s love for Carson Valley, that creates a celebration of community, and allows for endless treat options. Their chocolates are found at most, if not all, community events and fundraisers year-round. Signature pieces from Chocolate Shoppe have become a recognized presence throughout the community. 

Chocolate shoppe photo by Digiman Studio

Hand-packed chocolates at the Chocolate Shoppe. Photo by Digiman Studio.

Chocolate Shoppe is something special, especially knowing that when you bite into your chocolate treat you are savoring something that wasn’t mass-produced. The magic happens in small batches by hand right behind the counter.

Other fun confections offered such as chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos, honeycombs and dipped strawberries will have you reminiscing about this hometown shoppe. You’ll be convinced to travel back just for chocolate. 

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