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Celebrating Carson Valley’s Agricultural History

August 2020 marked not just one significant milestone for the Douglas County Historical Society, but two! After 25 years in operation, the volunteers and supporters of the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center celebrated their Silver Anniversary, and the grand opening of the Edwin L. Wiegand Ranching & Agricultural Heritage Exhibit.

The exhibit had been an idea for many years, and finally came to fruition thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers fundraising, and collecting artifacts from the community. Scroll down to get a glimpse of the displays you can enjoy when you mosey on down to the Gardnerville museum.

Threshing machine
Threshing machine used to separate grain seeds from the stalks and husks.
Creamery display inside the Edwin L. Wiegand Ranching & Agricultural Heritage Exhibit.
Creamery display inside the Edwin L. Wiegand Ranching & Agricultural Heritage Exhibit.
Milking stool carson valley museum
Milking stool
Minden butter co historic plaque
This plaque, now housed at the museum, was originally dedicated on the current site of Bently Heritage Estate Distillery. The plaque reads:
Founded March 7, 1908 by a local co-op, stock was issued with many shares going to the Dangberg Co. and W.F. Dressler. C.E. Merrick was the first manager and John Sattler, the butter maker. Brand name was “New Holland Process” and was the finest butter in the west. 1916, the original wooden building was replaced by this brick edifice. 1927 saw the egg and cold storage plant added. The butter was known world wide with most of its production going to California and Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, competition became so intense that it was forced to close its doors November 1, 1961. It was purchased in 1969 by Nevada Bently Corp. and survives once again. Sorry! No butter. *Dedicated July 26, 1997.
horse snowshoes gardnerville nv
You’ve heard of Snowshoe Thompson, but did you know horses had snowshoes too?
Wooden Hen Egg Candler
Wooden Hen Egg Candler – The egg candler has a light bulb inside. When the egg is placed under the light you can check to see if the egg has a baby chick inside.
Courting Buggy gardnerville nv
Courting Buggy
barbed wire carson valley nevada
Samples of the many types of barbed wire.
handmade rakes and fork carson valley museum
Wooden Rake and Fork – These were hand made and used for raking and gathering hay etc. Manufactured metallic rakes and forks were available.
old barn door genoa nv
Haines’ Barn Door – This door was part of the Haines Barn in Genoa, build in the late 1890’s. Note the many people who have signed this door and left their ‘mark’.
old barn door
Early signatures on the Haines’ Barn Door, from 1907 and 1909.


This new exhibit is part of the regular museum tour. For updated hours of operation and more information click here, call (775) 782-2555, or email [email protected]

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