Main Street Gardnerville – Take a Walk with us

There’s something special about Downtown Gardnerville, particularly for those wanting to make the most of an otherwise straightforward stop as you pass through town. Though technically the 395 is what forms the “Main” of this “Main Street,” you don’t have to venture too far along to find byways leading to shops, restaurants, and parks. And whether you’re just looking to spend an afternoon here or staying overnight at Gardnerville’s Historian Inn for a seasonal event, the surrounding streets and pathways lead to all the ingredients you could want for a choose-your-own adventure, with enough variety to make anyone’s weekend legendary.

Gardnerville is home to specialty events throughout the year, especially in the summer when Heritage Park plays host to family movie nights, food truck events, and farmers markets, or winter when the snow-dusted streets provide the perfect backdrop for holiday celebrations. It’s during these occasions that one can truly appreciate the sheer warmth and character that this community offers to friends and strangers alike, not to mention all the love, dedication, and hard work that goes into making everything happen.

An “Eddy Street weekend,” as the locals refer to it, is a prime example of how a little creativity and a lot of passion can transform something as basic as a shopping pop-up into an experience that locals and visitors look forward to consistently on the third weekend of each month. Owner Meredith Fischer took a concept that was only meant to happen once and turned it into a delightful celebration of seasonal and vintage décor. Each month sees the historical building that houses the market transformed from top to bottom according to a curated theme, and no two pop-ups are alike. As a bonus, Eddy Street weekends are extended during the summer months to line up with Main Street Gardnerville’s Thirsty Third Thursday Wine Walks (which can’t be recommended enough for those who want a comprehensive, yet playful look at everything Downtown Gardnerville has to offer), and occasionally the Market will host an additional pop-up during especially busy times of year.


Whatever your reason to visit, if it’s to attend a particular holiday celebration in Heritage Park or if you’re keen on checking out the latest theme of Eddy Street’s monthly weekend pop-up boutique, you can’t go wrong with a proper base camp from which you can branch out and explore. There’s ample parking to be found in lots nestled through town, but if you elect to make a weekend of it, you can’t go wrong staying at the Historian Inn and taking advantage of its proximity to shopping, dining, and more.

DST Coffee starts every morning rightWhether you wake feeling energized after a cozy night’s sleep at the Historian Inn or in need of a morning pick-me-up, DST Coffee is less than a block away, offering specialty coffee and tea drinks along with yummy breakfast treats. Depending on the time of year, you can either pull up a seat on the comfy couch just inside or sip your warm beverage on the outside patio. If you’re really wanting to treat yourself, their ice cream selection is perfect in the summer months. Afterwards, you can find yourself on a stroll down to Eddy Street’s Vintage Market, just a short walk from DST, which will be undoubtedly decked out in according to the month’s chosen theme, offering décor, gifts, and vintage items to choose from that’ll be hard to find anywhere else. Be sure to check their calendar often and follow their social media to see all the teasers leading up to the latest Eddy Street weekend. Sign up for the newsletter to get even more details.

From the beautifully decorated front porch of Eddy Street, there’s a path for whatever direction takes your fancy! On a nice day, you can head over to Heritage Park and see what’s growing in the community Gardens, recline on a picnic blanket in the sunshine, or find one of the many entry points to the Martin Slough Trail, where there’s always a chance to catch a glimpse at the local wildlife or snap a quick photo of the incredible peaks in the distance. If you’re feeling lucky, the latest slot and video poker machines can be found at Sharkey’s Casino just across the street from your stay at the Historian on 395.

Views of downtown Gardnerville, Nev., on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022. Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Momentum Fueled by RADAnd if perusing Eddy Street’s wares made you catch the shopping bug, you’ll find the ultimate browser’s dream at Cheshire Antiques, an impressive space brimming with antiques and collectors’ items to comb through to your heart’s content. You could spend hours among the wide range of treasures found throughout the historic building, so give yourself plenty of time to explore. Smaller shops are also nearby, like Especially for You, Fresh Ideas, The Hitch Boutique, and Re:Style to name a few. Don’t forget to pop over to Battle Born Wine and Whiskey to find that perfect spirit or even enjoy a curated class to learn all there is to know about a particular potable from their passionate proprietor.

Views of downtown Gardnerville, Nev., on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022. Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Momentum Fueled by RADDid all that small business shopping work up your appetite? A bite to eat is never far away, whether you want to go all out with family-style cuisine at the J T Basque Bar & Dining Room, or care to be more casual with it at Jerry’s Grill, or the Jackpot Café at Sharkey’s. Just down the way, you’ll find the Overland Restaurant & Pub offering seasonal menus with cocktails to boot.

Make a long weekend of it, all within walking distance right in the heart of Downtown Gardnerville, with the leisurely pace of Main Street that allows you to savor each moment as the charm of Carson Valley envelops you.

Views of downtown Gardnerville, Nev., on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022.<br /> Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Momentum Fueled by RAD