Seasonal Sippers

Thermal turtleneck? Check. Delusions of being dignified? Also check. The urge to find the perfect cocktail? Got it.

What is it about this time of year that make us crave all the spiced, decadent things? We all love them; these tasty concoctions that seem to appear as if out of thin air with the changing of the seasons.  Luckily, seasonal drinks are out in full force around Carson Valley and they are ready to please your expectant palate. These are the sippers you have reconnecting with old friends, or the reward that comes after a herculean day on the slopes. So, read on for a small sampling of delicious indulgence found in the many storied waterholes in Carson Valley!

Overland Restaurant & Pub

Salted Carmel Coffee

Not to be confused with your daily Starbucks order, the Overland is offering this beloved coffee with a twist! A sweet concoction of butterscotch Schnapps, salted caramel Baileys, hot coffee (duh), and whipped cream with a good old helping of caramel drizzle make this bad boy one cuppa’ you might not want to have before work.

Blood Orange Spritz

Who says seasonal drinks can’t be light and refreshing? This spritz is, as they say over the pond, bloody amazing. This one hits your taste buds with aperol, blood orange syrup, champagne, club soda and an orange slice to garnish. Tis’ the season for celebration, after all, and nothing says cheers like poppin’ champagne.  

JT Basque Bar & Dining Room

Hot Buttered Rum

If you thought the JT only served picons and wine, guess again! Their hot buttered rum is a delightful concoction made with their secret homemade recipe of hot buttered rum batter mixed with, what else, rum! This drink gives off all the warm family recipe vibes that JT Basque is known for.

Hot Apple Pie

Now is the time for pie of any kind! This masterpiece is a mixture of hot apple cider and Tuaca liqueur that tastes exactly like how it feels to sit in front of a fireplace on a cold day. Simple yet comforting, this is one you have to check off your holiday list!  


Choc-o-late Tini

This sipper from Cook’d makes you sit up, pay attention, and savor - like a good martini should! Made with Absolute Vanilla, Crem De Cacao, Godiva Liquor and topped with generous portions of whipped cream and chocolate syrup, it is every chocolate lover’s dream. Channel your inner Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor (did you know they invented the chocolate martini? You’re welcome, trivia fans!) and try out this decadent treat!

Gingerbread Snowman

There couldn’t be a more appropriate name for this creamy delight! RumChata Cream Liqour, Gingerbread liquor, and cinnamon collide to create the magic of Christmas morning in a glass. Seriously, you’ll have to refrain yourself from chugging, it really is that good.

Hot Toddy

A tried-and-true classic, the Hot Toddy warms more than your nose with spiced rum, apple crisp cider, nutmeg, cinnamon and lemon to garnish. This is the perfect winter drink to soothe everything from the
cold to stressful family gatherings.

Woodett's Diner

White Christmas Margarita

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas…margarita? After tasting it, so are we! Get in the Christmas spirit with this blend of tequila, Triple Sec, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, and a rosemary sprig, lime, cranberries for garnish. Salt that bad boy’s rim and you’ve got yourself a good time, as it the usual at Woodett’s! 

CV Steak

Spiced Apple Martini

Do you remember those caramel apple suckers when you were a kid that would all but break your molars now? Yeah, this is that. In a James Bond glass. Made with apple cider, vodka and caramel, (ohhhhh so much caramel), this little number is so scrumptious you’ll be licking the caramel off the bottom before you can even be embarrassed about it.

Pumpkin Spice White Russian

You had to know it was coming: no seasonal drink list can be complete without a pumpkin spiced something. This boozy spin on a PSL is pure magic! A happy combo of vodka, Kahlua and pumpkin spiced creamer, each sip tastes like a delightful bite of pie. If you close your eyes, you can almost taste the crust and family judgement.

Maple Old Fashioned

Ah, the Old Fashioned: a true staple of all cocktail connoisseurs. CV Steak puts a fun seasonal addition to the typical ingredients (whiskey or bourbon, bitters and one of those neat twisty orange peels); maple syrup! A great way to kick up a classic, you’ll be given all the fall leaves in Vermont vibes. After a few, you might even be seeing them too.

Apple Cider Mimosa

This is not, we repeat, this is not your typical boozy brunch drink with the girls. Apple cider and champagne host a surprise guest for the holidays: a splash of brandy! Delicious but deadly, she comes in to add a little spice to the party…and does so with gusto. This turbo mimosa tastes like all is right with the world.

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(Drinks subject to change through the seasons)