#WhyCV Photo Spotlight: Vivian Powers

“Living my best life”

Each month in 2020 we shine a spotlight on one of our superstar local photographers, examining the beauty of our valley through their eyes. In July we celebrate doting single-mom and career-woman, Vivian Powers. 

“Living my best life” isn’t just a tagline or slogan for Vivian Powers. After a successful career, and many years of visiting her daughter in Lake Tahoe, Vivian took the plunge – she moved north to semi-retire. With the sun on her shoulders and the wind in her hair, she takes her camera wherever she goes. And we are ever so thankful that she does. 

Vivian didn’t pick up a camera until 2012, but she’s always had an eye for images, and how she would capture them. In no time at all, she realized she really does have an inherent ability to shoot landscapes and wild animals. And there’s a bit of luck in there too, as you’ll see from her eagle photo below. Accolades and acknowledgments have rolled in, some courtesy of publications like Tahoe Quarterly and Nevada Magazine, and she’s even a featured photographer at the Art Gallery at Prism

Keep scrolling to get an idea of the stories behind the images, and you’ll find out just what photography means to Vivian. Follow along with her photography journey here!


Vivian powers eagle
Probably one of my luckiest shots ever! A friend of mine and I went out very early one morning to try and capture an eagle or two during a snowfall. Wildlife photography was very new to me at the time and we found this eagle sitting in a dead tree. I got so excited and was adjusting my camera settings for the lighting and for flight just in case it was going to fly. Within seconds it took off and I was clicking away until it was out of sight. When I got home, I downloaded the days photos onto my computer and I was floored at what I had captured! I ended up submitting this photo in the Tahoe Quarterly’s “Best of Tahoe 2020” in the wildlife category and took the win for first place. Needless to say, I was pretty grateful and humbled.
vivian powers black and white scenic
Sometimes I get bored and like to try different things and black and white photography is a fave.
vivian powers tubular begonia
The Tubular Begonia I thought looked amazing in Black and White. I personally had this printed on canvas and is in my living room.
snow ponies vivian powers
Snow Ponies – I photographed these horses in my neighborhood. They didn’t seem to mind being in the cold and they looked so beautiful to me, I just had to stop.
juvenile bald eagle vivian powers
Juvenile Bald Eagle – I remember driving on Hwy 88 and saw this big dark thing sitting on a telephone pole. The closer I got, I knew exactly what it was. This eagle sat there for the longest time and allowed me to take several photos. I had never seen one before I moved here and they are such magnificent birds!
Vivian Powers Fall in Genoa NV
Fall colors on Genoa Lane.
Snowy deer
deer snow vivian powers
Okay, I have this obsession with photographing while it’s snowing. One morning I went out with a friend to photograph while it was snowing again. We came across several deer that were so camouflaged in sage and snow it was hard to see what they were until they crossed the street and jumped over a fence. Another beautiful sighting of mother nature!
vivian powers cedar waxwing minden
I had never seen a Cedar Waxwing before, and there were several found in Minden after a snowfall. They were very friendly birds, nothing like I had ever seen before.
vivian powers wild horses
I was in awe when I saw this beautiful sight a few weeks ago! About 100 wild horses in Washoe Nevada. Being an old equestrian, I truly miss riding horses, and still love to be around them. I love how that sweet little colt behind them was taking notes
vivian powers wild horse foal
Sweet little foal following his mama around looked so tired, but so sweet.
lake tahoe vivian powers
Beautiful Lake Tahoe, there is nothing like it! It’s the reason I moved here. I vacationed in South Lake Tahoe for two weeks every year for eight years and was in heaven each time. I would smile at the first sight of the lake coming in and would shed a few tears every time I left to go back home. Lake Tahoe is my sanctuary, my church and I get such peace within being there.
lake tahoe vivian powers winter
Lake Tahoe. Believe it or not, but I have photographed this very tree in each season of the year, but this one is by far my favorite.
vivian powers valley snow
You can photograph this location many times and it will always look different. I think I love the winter time here most covered with a fresh blanket of snow.
vivian powers sierra reflection scenic
I think everyone has photographed here at least once, or ten times. I remember it was a calm morning in May and the reflection caught my eye with the clouds and green grass, it was really beautiful.

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