#WhyCV Photographer Spotlight: Steve Rymers

“I tell everyone that I wasn’t born here, but I got here as quickly as I could!”

Each month we highlight a local photographer, someone who photographs this area in a way that tells a story. It’s almost as if the subjects are speaking to us. This month we shine a spotlight on Steve Rymers, Lake Tahoe resident and Carson Valley fan. And now, a little bit about Steve, in his own words.

“I grew up in South Bend, Indiana. We vacationed at Lake Tahoe for about fifteen years prior to moving here when we retired. 

My wife, Karen, has loved horses her entire life, and she had a great interest in trying to find the wild horses that played such an important role in our country’s history. I, on the other hand, had always been terribly afraid of horses. Even so, I was very interested in seeing the wild horses in their natural habitat. We both fell in love with them on our first visit to nearby Carson Valley. I initially started taking pictures of them with my cell phone and enjoyed it so much that I quickly escalated to professional grade photography equipment! 

To be perfectly clear, I have never sold one of my photos for personal gain. I have given quite a few photos to people who donate to the Pine Nut Wild Horse advocacy group. 

Also, to be perfectly honest, prior to moving to Lake Tahoe, I hadn’t explored Carson Valley at all. Since moving here, we spend a few days per week in Carson Valley since we love it so much! The historical charm as well as the boundless beauty that Carson Valley is nestled in provides so much to see and enjoy in an incredibly peaceful environment! Beautiful mountain scenery that changes with the seasons, working ranches, a wildlife lover’s paradise, the wide open spaces of desert with its ever changing colors of the seasons, and the wide variety of tremendous “Mom and Pop” shops rather than chain stores in the local communities! Very peaceful and welcoming! 

I tell everyone that I wasn’t born here, but I got here as quickly as I could!”

Scroll down to see some of Steve’s favorite images, and follow along with his adventures on social media. Check out the rest of our photographer spotlights on our blog.



wild stallions carson valley
Although this picture may look like the two stallions are demonstrating camaraderie, they are actually testing each other’s strength and determination.
A beautiful California quail in the early morning light!
A beautiful California quail in the early morning light!
wild nevada mustang carson valley
A beautiful mare with a frosted mane from the pogonip!
steve rymers red tail hawk carson valley
Red tail hawk about to take flight!
wild horses pine nut range
I watched as the bay mare wandered over the top of a steep hill and out of the sight of her band stallion. As soon as the stallion realized what had happened, he raced over the hill to find her. I quickly positioned myself for the opportunity to capture the moment when they inevitably came back to the band together. What is captured in this photo is the moment when “Bossy Betty” decided to let “Sunny” know that she’s not too fond of being bossed around!
bachelor stallion pine nut range
The bachelor stallion on the left was getting too bold with his approach to the family of the stallion on the right, so the band stallion had to exert his dominance to protect his family.
Three bachelor stallions Pine nut range
Three bachelor stallions travel the desert together and are the best of friends until all three decide to fight for one mare’s attention.
mustang band carson valley
Wild Mustangs of Nevada!

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