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Bently Heritage: Born in History

The ‘silos’ are an unmistakable landmark as you drive through Minden on Highway 395.

The home of the Minden Flour Milling Co. was built in 1906 and, along with the creamery, has since earned a permanent place in the collective memory of residents and visitors alike. The buildings traded hands a few times since H. F. Dangberg brought the railroad to the valley to fill with sustenance from Nevada’s bread basket, and until recently, they were closed. Not abandoned, something so stately lives on through its stories, but nonetheless could only be admired from outside.

Along came Christopher and Camille Bently, with a plan to breathe new life into this historic building. Once again the mill is processing grains, however, now in a way its founder would have surely appreciated but never imagined.

As a child, Chris knew the building was destined for something great. And the community waited with bated breath to see what would become of the beloved brick and metal. Today it’s known for many things like its stunning detail, tastes you can try to describe but really must experience, and chiefly, the estate distilled spirits.

The mill building is front and center and is now home to two German Forsyths pot stills, cooking up single malt whisky which won’t be available to sample for many years. Beyond the silos lies the ‘creamery’, the hub really, of the renovated complex known as Bently Heritage Estate Distillery. This highly automated distillery pours out vodka, gin, American whisky and liquors. It’s as high-tech as it gets, with enough of the human element to make you laugh out loud and truly appreciate the education you’ll receive when you go along on a tour.

There is really no other way to experience this world class operation than to sidle up to the bar after you take the tour. Until then, enjoy the photos, we hope to see you soon.

bently heritage
Even in the monument greeting you there’s a nod to the past with reclaimed bricks, and a welcome to the future with classic copper.
Bently Ranch grain
Bently Ranch grows over 600 varieties of grain on 6,000 acres including heritage corn, oats, barley, and rye. Everything is milled on the ranch in the malt house to the exact specifications of the distiller.
grain siloes
The ranch has over 10 tons of grains stored and at the ready.
mini still
Carlito, as it’s fondly referred to, is a test still. Each distiller on the team gets to try one crazy idea per year, and sometimes those ideas aren’t so crazy after all.
bently heritage
This column still can turn out 1,000 gallons of vodka per day.
whiskey barrel
Whisky isn’t whisky until it gets intimate with the barrel, with which it will spend many, many years to come.
Bently Heritage
The historic Minden Flour Mill is now home to a single-malt distillery, cocktail bar and tasting room.
Bently Heritage
The historic creamery is now a distillery specializing in American style whisky, vodka and gin.
Bently Heritage
The tasting room on the second floor of the mill building. Mixologists behind the bar will whip up a tasty Bently Heritage cocktail made just right.
spirit tasting
Tasting the fruits of the distillery’s labor is an absolute pleasure. The tasting glasses form a delicious triangle.
Bottom right: Source One Vodka rested in oak sherry casks
Bottom left: Source One Vodka
Top: Juniper Grove London Dry Gin
Tony Abou-Ganim rose to the challenge to create cocktails with Source One Vodka. It’s not every day you come across oat vodka. In fact, you’ve probably never had the chance.
craft cocktails
Craft cocktails are served in the tasting room Thursday & Sunday from 10am – 9pm, and Friday & Saturday 10am – 10pm.
bently heritage crystal
Serve your spirits in the finest style.

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