Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Carson Valley

Travelers seek to experience a new area like a local. Part of that experience is the food, but traveling with kids can hamper your inner adventurous foodie. Carson Valley offers a foodie lovers dream for the entire family. Whether it’s a family atmosphere, a kids menu, or simply sweet and tolerant wait staff, these nine kid-friendly restaurants are bound to be your family’s new favorite spots.

JT Basque Bar and Dining Room has a colorful and storied history. Not only is this place run by the Lekumberry siblings and their family, but they spent their childhood there. This raucous good time restaurant has something for everyone, and the parents will love it as much as the kids. French fries and a Shirley Temple, please!

Francisco’s Mexican Restaurant has a great atmosphere, as well as the Best Mexican Food in Carson Valley in 2017. From bean burritos and cheese quesadillas to steak fajitas and margaritas, the whole family will enjoy this Minden favorite. 

Jethro's Restaurant
Jethro’s Oven and Grill

Chandelle R. says that Jethro’s Oven Grill & Sports Bar “always treats my kids AWESOME…They have a dining area away from the bar, and the staff is always really friendly to them. I assume the owners have kids because they for sure are not just a bar. Plus good food for the parents.” And with daily specials, a family can eat well at an affordable price. 

Chicago Mike’s Italian Sausage and Mushroom

Chicago Mike’s Pizza is loved for its “Family environment and arcade games” according to Ariel S. It’s also worth noting it’s not just a kids favorite, they were voted Best Pizza in Carson Valley in 2017.

Katie’s Country Kitchen inside Carson Valley Inn is always a hit with the family who can’t agree on what to have for dinner. Is breakfast served 24 hours? Check. Chicken fried steak special? Check. A bakery and milkshakes? Double check

Hunan Garden Chinese Restaurant is perfect for a quick nosh. The buffet has all the Asian staples, and the takeout is super-fast. Perfect when you’re running on empty and are low on time. 

For families whose kids have adventurous palates, there are some kid-approved sushi spots in the valley. Minden’s American Ni Sushi is Autumn H’s go to lunch spot “I have three boys and they are always welcome.”

Michele and kids at Saku Sushi

While Michele A’s brood loves Saku Sushi in Gardnerville. Her daughter loves it there because it’s delicious. “The Sushi chefs make us feel welcome and always remember us. And the important thing is they always know to make the sushi rolls gluten-free!” Both restaurants have all you can eat options and a nice open atmosphere.


For a full list of all the dining options in Carson Valley, explore the Dining page on our website.



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