THE FOOD IN CARSON VALLEY MATCHES THE AIR: fresh, new and uplifting. Whether it be the granddaddy of valley dining — the JT Basque Bar & Dining Room with its traditional Basque country cuisine — or the beautiful overhaul of the old Minden Flour Milling Co., into the Bently Heritage Estate Distillery with its locally sourced water and grains, there are a wide variety of local options for you to find a stellar meal unique to Carson Valley and perfect to satisfy your appetite. We invite you to “taste Carson Valley.”

Gems can be found for all palates and cravings, from the innovative and delicious sandwich and soup combinations at Abby Jo’s Cafe Girasole or straight-forward quality at Coffee on Main to ambitious international offerings such as Noemi’s Pupuseria featuring tastes from El Salvador and Guatemala, or Thai Thai with its flavors from the Far East. CV Steak is a great eatery for any occasion.

When it comes time to eat during your stay, you won’t have to look far to find restaurateurs proudly at the top of their craft working with fresh ingredients grown close to home and housed in buildings with many years of stories to tell.

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