#WhyCV Photographer Spotlight: Cheryl Broumley

vultures on a fence

“Why Carson Valley? I wont tell…it’s a secret”

Sometimes people arrive at a place and realize, this is exactly where they’re supposed to be. Things fall into place, perhaps a passion is born, and you just know it’s right. Photographer Cheryl Broumley moved to Minden, went on an eagle tour with John T. Humphrey and she was hooked on the wildlife of Carson Valley.

Always a horse lover, being able to get to know the bands on the Pine Nut Mountain Range ignited a purpose in Cheryl. She loves the dynamics of their lives, how the stallions love and take care of the babies, showing them the ways of the wild. Documenting their lives gives us a peek into the love she feels for these magnificent creatures. 

Last fall she was on a mission to be the first to see the foal of Rosie and Old Socks (Old Socks is thought to be the oldest stallion on the range at age 26). Near and far she traveled for weeks, trying to find the elusive couple. Finally, Rosebud made her entrance and Cheryl’s friends and followers breathed a sigh of relief. So many people follow her intricate stories about the Pine Nut bands, that she even named a foal Hayden, after her good friend’s granddaughter who loves seeing the pictures of the horses. The local wild horse advocates are often allowed to name foals when they see them for the time. 

It’s not only about horses for Cheryl though. She shoots vultures and owls, Kestrels and bald eagles. Join Cheryl for a tour with her company Country Excursions to get up close and personal with this kind-hearted nature lover. Scroll down to get a taste of her stories, and then follow her on social media to keep up with the latest drama on the range. 

carson valley bobcat

Be on the lookout when driving around the valley!! Bobcats, eagles, hawks, Lots of different kinds of birds come to town this time of year!

scenic carson valley

Why Carson Valley?
I wont tell…it’s a secret

pine nut wild horse

Bella and Max. Max is so happy to have Bella back… Bella ran off with Socks for a couple days. She is giving Max a neck scratch and Max looks to be a bit smitten by her.

vultures on a fence

Vulture’s. They have migrated back to Carson Valley.
I have never seen anything like it. Five vultures…each sitting on a post with their wings spread out.
Only a face a mother could love!

pine nut wild horse

Happy Birthday Miss Hayden! I hope to see your beautiful face soon!
She is one years old today!! (March 10, 2020)

pine nut wild horse blue

Gave a tour today to some awesome ladies!!
We had a blast! I knew it was going to be a fun time out on the range when the first wild horse we saw was our one and only Blue .
The three of us were all gaga over him looking so handsome. So Blue decided to show off for us.

pine nut wild horse

I hope to write a book about this feisty sweet little filly Hayden. She has a heart of gold. But always lets them know whats on her mind!!
Here she is letting her band stallion Rascal have it. She was stomping, shaking her head, ears pinned back, and Rascal just watched and listened.

american kestrel

American Kestrel hanging out on the range!
Did you know American Kestrel is a Falcon?
The American kestrel is the smallest and most common falcon in North America.

pine nut wild horse

Can you even believe this is Rosebud? She is blooming into a beautiful flower!