Tourism is a wonderful two-way street.

Tourism is a wonderful two-way street. Not only do we get to share the many wonderful aspects of the Carson Valley; we also get to meet fascinating people from throughout the world.

Dennis Little
Carson Valley Museum, Event Director Historical Society

Immediate access to the outdoors.

I think the best part about living and working in the Carson Valley is the immediate access to the outdoors. Where else can you step outside your front door after work and enjoy a hike on any number of beautiful outdoor trails. There is nothing like a quick trek around the Fay Luther trail to unwind after a busy day at the golf course!

Manya Brooks
Owner, General Manager – Carson Valley Golf Course

Economic opportunity and growth driver.

Tourism means a significant economic opportunity and growth driver for the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, contributing to local businesses, job creation, and community development, while showcasing the region’s natural beauty and attractions to visitors. It plays a vital role in supporting the Chamber’s mission of promoting and fostering a thriving business environment in the Carson Valley.

Alicia A. Main
Executive Director, Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce

The root of service is making all feel welcome.

With the driving mantra of "live where you vacation", I strongly believe tourism is about service. The root of service is making all feel welcome and at home in the place they are visiting. Delivering a level of friendly and earnest service naturally leads travelers to spread the message about our community through their own networks. It drives a strong desire to share that service experience with friends and family and to re-visit again and again.

Troy Phillips
Certified Sommelier - Owner, Battle Born Wine & Whiskey

Carson Valley offers so many unique businesses.

Walking out your door and discovering your downtown, is one of the best things you can do for your community. Carson Valley offers so many unique businesses. I find the variety to be even better than some larger communities. From darling boutiques to delicious eateries, it’s easy to spend the day downtown exploring all there is to offer. I know I never leave without a bag or two when I do.

Meredith Fischer
Owner, Eddy Street Vintage Market

Tourism means prosperity to our business.

Tourism means prosperity to our business. It brings new markets and new clientele to our door. Being a partner with Carson Valley Tourism establishes more stability and confidence in our work and core investment direction. We welcome travelers interested in discovering our beautiful valley and enjoying a taste of paradise.

Remon & Christelle Zamalis
Owner Woodett's Diner

Visit Carson Valley partners with us in creative and lasting ways.

The work that Visit Carson Valley has done with us has proven to inspire travelers to enjoy the great unexpected indoor and outdoor experiences that our beautiful Valley has to offer. Their team appreciates the unique & vibrant Basque flavor of our Valley and partners with us in creative and lasting ways.

Marie Louise Lekumberry
Owner JT Basque Bar & Dining Room

Ongoing collaboration helps us extend our audience.

Visit Carson Valley helps us achieve our vision to connect people to the outdoors through a system of trails! We appreciate the ongoing collaboration that helps us further extend our audience to visiting travelers.

Neal Falk
President CV Trails Association

Tourism is the lifeblood that supports the Valley’s economic base.

What tourism means for us is we have a strong ongoing business that serves the community and helps support the families of nearly 500 employees. Carson Valley tourism has personally benefitted me and my family in this manner for 23 years. Tourism is a very important part of the life blood that supports the Valley’s economic base. Our room tax dollars help support Parks and Recreation in the Valley.

Matt Carter
Director of Hotel Operations - Carson Valley Inn

Together, we’re stronger. It takes a valley.