Top Visitor Origin Markets, Out of Area (Visitors Only), Points of Interest and Spending Comparisons

Various measures contained here offer insights into primary visitor origination markets, Carson Valley locations visitors frequent the most, and observations about visitor spending. This data further allows comparisons to help refine future marketing strategies and affords the opportunity to promote the responsible distribution of travelers throughout the Valley.

The following chart is a comparison of in-state Nevada Visitors vs all other states (including CA, AZ, UT, OR and others).

The following chart is a visualization of the comparative percentage of out of areas visitors and their point of origin. 

Reflected below we see more detail as to which of our four communities are seeing the out of area visitors (and as compared to each of the origin markets).

Below is a broader point of view as to the most common activities frequented by visitors. Note – this visualization only touches on a very high-level blended look. In total, we observe 130+ points of interest.

Top 5 Visitor Origin Markets by Visitation and Spending

This chart allows for further refinement between the source of origin combined with respective average spending.

California Regional Demographics

Annual data is again offered here by the University of Nevada Center for Economic Development. Four of the most dominant markets for visitation to Carson Valley are further presented with comparable demographic and income data.

Los Angeles, CA

Sacramento – Central Valley, CA

Sierra Foothills, CA

San Francisco – East Bay, CA

Together, we’re stronger. It takes a valley.