Community & Destination Data

Sample measures are contained here including visitor points of interest, comparative resident points of interest and base level demographic data. This data helps to offer comparisons on the positive and responsible utilization of activities by both residents and visitors.

The next four charts help to visualize traveler activity based on the top 5 points of interest. Note: the percentages are based on visitation to that community only – i.e. “of” the visitors to a particular community, the listed percentage represents frequency to points of interest in that particular portion of Carson Valley.

Top 10 Ranking for Resident Visitation (Unique Points of Interest)

This list demonstrates visitation by residents living around Carson Valley and the nearby areas (i.e. within 50 miles).  Many of the resident top points of interest are also enjoyed by visitors denoting a symbiotic relationship.

  • Carson Valley Golf Course
  • Lampe Park
  • Carson Valley Inn Hotel & Casino
  • Sharkey’s Casino
  • Pinenut Trails Association
  • Overland Restaurant
  • Jacks Valley Loop
  • Wink’s Silver Strike Lanes
  • Sunridge Golf Course
  • C.O.D. Casino

Carson Valley Demographics

With the help of annual data gathered by the University of Nevada Center for Economic Development, offered here is additional base level market information for Carson Valley.

Together, we’re stronger. It takes a valley.